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Will a 9v wall wart get real hot if i plug it to a lot of leds for 6 or more hours? Answered

I have this weird LED bar with the contacts soldered to the ends of an OLD 9v wall wart. its like 100 leds with some ICs and resistors connected to the power brick. The bar came from an old photocopier, i think its the part that illuminates the paper



Best Answer 10 years ago

It may not even work. The LED bar may be AC not DC since it come from a device that's plugged into a wall. Though most devices have a AC to DC transformer in them or in-line on the wire. It might depend on the current given out by the 9v wall-wart and the current draw of the LED bar. You can never be too careful though. Try plugging it in some where safe and away from flammable objects. Maybe plug it into a surge protector with an ON/OFF switch or on the end of an extension cord. This way it it gets hot or catches fire you can cut the power without having to physically touch the thing.