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Will a live ethernet LAN port (non-PoE) light an LED? Answered


Maybe a resistor and a transistor and a watch battery and another resistor and a LED. Sorry, mind the ands.

yeah, i was thinking a watch battery to provide power. I know basically what resistors and transistors are for, but putting anything together like this is a little over my head and I have too many projects as it is, :)

Found this which is a nice little item, but I don't want to fork out the dough:


Also found this, but I don't have the parts:


Maybe I'll scrap together the parts and try to build me one...

What's the application you need it for? Through a quick google search people seemed to suggest it was from about 2.2V. If you are connecting it to a laptop/PC a USB port would be better as it provides 5V and up to 500mA.

I was thinking about a quick 'hot port' checking device, if the port is hot, it'll light up