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Will a magnet mess up or destroy the memory of a micro controller or EEPROM chip? Answered

I'm using an ATMega 328 chip (Arduino duemilanove), if that matters at all. Ask me if you need the chip name for the EEPROM. Also, if you happen to know, would a magnet mess up flash memory?



Best Answer 8 years ago

While it's true that a magnet can easily damage the data on the backs of credit cards and audio and video tapes, hard drives are very very difficult to damage with magnets.  In fact some of the strongest magnets in your house are already inside your hard drives and have enough pull to give you a blood blister if you get your finger caught between them and something metal*.

(And yes, data on chips  such as an eeprom, flash RAM, thumb drives, SD cards, etc is immune to magnets.)

*and by metal I mean a ferromagnetic metal.

A magnetic field such as from a magnet will not harm an EEPROM. The data on the chip is held in the form of an electric charge which would only be affected by a very, very strong field (much more than a magnet can produce).
Magnets WILL damage a medium where the data is held magnetically, such as the surface of a hard drive or magnetic tape.