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Will a steel wool strain run between a 9 volt battery be able to ignite certain materials? Answered

I am working on using a 9 volt batery if not larger run through wires to aligator clips with steel wool pinched in the clips. I am using it for fireworks. I would like to know if the quick glow of the steel wool would be enough to ignite 2 different materials before it burns out. These materials are 1. Gunpowder Fuse 2. Aerosol hair spray (rather safe then sorry on the potato cannon for test usage)... I am debating wether or not i need that with a primer to make a longer last heat. If so, any suggestions on what kind of primer and how to secure it to the steel wool grain? I have tested the 9 volt running to the steel wool and it does glow and burn itself out but it does not seem to last long or even enough to ignite a paper towel.



8 years ago

I'd suggest a model rocket igniter, or one of the instructables already posted (see "RELATED" at right).

(Actually, I'd suggest "don't do that" but you wouldn't listen. <smile/>