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Will a torsion spring work with this broom/mop holder? Answered

I am in the late stages of working on a broom/mop holder.  The engineering is not original, however, I may be able to show how to make it fast and cheap! 

The function of the device centers on a Cam which rotates up or down and then automatically returns to a "home position".
As you slide a broom handle into the cam, the cam gently opens up and accomodates the handle.  But when you pull down or let the broom go, the cam rotates downward and holds the broom very steady.  To remove broom, just push it upward a bit...

The design I currently have is using elastic - but I believe we could employ a torsion spring instead.
  • Would using a torsion spring work?
  • How would it work or be positioned on the device?
  • Can I make a torsion spring?  (i'd really like to do this)
  • Can I buy them at reasonable prices anywhere?
I have included a few pictures to illustrate the question...
Note:  I did later figure out how to properly spell "TORSION"
Included is a shot of some example springs.
Also in one of the shots, I attached the mechanism to a clear plastic OJ bottle.
(thought it might be easier to see the mechanics this way)

Thank you for any input you may have!


I've used large sized paper clips to create a torsion spring to repair somethings. It's really rather simple you just need to have the ends positioned where you want there to be little to no tension. Then as you move the cam it increases the tension to give the hold. Paper clips are made with spring steel and if done right could be all you'll need for this project. From what I can tell looking at the pics I don't believe you need a spring to get it to hold, but I don't know if there is something else your doing that requires one. I hope this helps.


5 years ago

Extra note: It's been difficult to source torsion springs, but have found that the elastic works great. Additionally, I noticed some other easy sources for torsion springs:
  • Spring Clips (like on a clipboard)
  • Alligator Clips (that's probably just another spring type clip)
  • Clothes Pins
  • Door mechanisms on electroncs - for example CD rom door.

Our paper clips are made with mild steel, so YMMV.


Answer 6 years ago

Steve, Thanks for the info. That does help much - I'll have to focus on making or sourcing springs.

Am I correct in thinking that the one spring would encourage the cam to go back to home regardless of the direction the cam had traveled?

In other words, Iwould not need two springs? Did not know if the spring effect on the torsion spring only provides effect in one direction (or is it beneficial in both directions?)

Yes, that's right, the spring effect can be bidirectional, but it depends on secure mountings for both ends and the middle of the spring.

If you'd been in the UK, I'd've sent you some samples from the boxes of springs I've got !


yes, a torsion spring is a good way to do it - or a tension spring - mount that as you have your elastic cord.

A torsion spring would go around your pivot and engage a lug on the fixed part and the cam.