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Will an air conditioner pump be good for a vacuum evaporator? Answered

I've been wondering if I could use an air-conditioner pump for a vacuum evaporator for making concentrates without destroying some flavor for home brewing and cooking and I'm wondering if I should worry about the water vapor the comes from this. Should I set up some kind of cold trap for the water making some kinda vacuum distiller or should I use something else to drop the pressure?


You want something like a "diaphragm-pump" I think, and ideally a cold-trap.
If you can afford one, get a rotary-evaporator.


These pumps do not tolerate moisture very well.

You can if you use a vacuum tank between the pump and the vacuum chamber.

On the vacuum tank input and output have isolation valves and on the bottom of the tank put a drain valve.

Step 1. When running close the drain valve and the valve to the vacuum chamber.

Step 2. Open the valve to the vacuum tank and pump and pump all the air out of the vacuum tank.

Step 3. When all the air is out of the vacuum tank close the valve to the pump and open the valve to the vacuum chamber, the vacuum in the two chambers will equalize and the liquids will boil and vaporize.

Step 4. Then close the valve to the vacuum chamber and open the drain valve on the vacuum tank.

Step 5. When all the water drains out of the vacuum tank close the drain valve and go back to step 1 repeat as necessary.

Keep the oil up on the pump and this should help the valves last longer.

Another thing you can do is add an oil infuser to the vacuum side of the pump.


Also they need permanent lubrication - they will blow their oil out of their exhausts/

They last longer as an air compressor than a vacuum pump for dehydrating, the reed valves don’t tolerate moisture well.