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Will an update for/ or rooting my phone will enable mhl support? Answered

Hello everybody!

I just bought a mhl cable for my mobile phone, but after connecting it, my tv doesn't show me anything. I searched my phone spec's and I found out that my phone doesn't support mhl. Such a shame! But then I was wondering, my phone runs on android jellybean. If I upgrade it to android KitKat, would I then be able to use the cable? Or should I just root my phone? (Does any of you have a good rom for me that supports mhl?)

I have searched a couple of hours on google but it didn't gave me some answers. I hope you guys can help me.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini (GT9195) with jellybean on it.           



4 years ago

The lack of support is a hardware issue not software. The phone doesn't have the hardware required to put out an HDMI video signal.