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Will bleach accelerate rusting on iron to product iron oxide? Answered

Would regular clorox bleach in a container with a peice of iron over time create iron oxide?



8 years ago

heh thank you guys... i am working on welding a rose similar to the instructables on here but i wanna rust color it so thank you all for your answers..and thermite you say? sounds fun LOL

Maybe, but if you just want the iron oxide, set fire to some steel wool with a blowtorch. Poof! Pretty sparks followed by lots of iron oxide, quicker than making rust the traditional way.

Have fun making your thermite.


Sidenote:  Also if you don't mind salt - the enemy of iron - saltwater will accelerate the slow-version of this process with that whole electrolyte thingymajig.

If you want to use this method, you need to wet the iron with your rusting solution and allow it to dry. It needs air (oxygen). If you leave it immersed in the liquid it will take much longer.
If your iron isn't clean, clean it off, put it in your solution, take it out to dry and oxidise, scrape it off and do it again.

I should think so.