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Will burning steel wool to produce Fe(II)O aka iron powder effect the quality of thermite? Answered

Will burning steel wool to produce FeO aka iron powder effect the quality of thermite compared to useing Fe2O3?


yes, it produces terrible iron oxide, and not much of it, as it also forms molten iron which is protected by iron oxide.
if you have lots of steel wool for thermite, your better off either regularly wetting it, putting it into water with a little bit of salt, or electrolysing it using it ad the anode ( positive), passing electricity through water using it for the positive , which should convert it all into red iron oxide (the best kind) very quickly.
though using a plain peice of steel works better that way
so your better off just leaving it a few days in s;lightly salted water

i find that when i make thermite or any other pyro stuff it is best to get your lovely steel wool (iron wool works better as there is no impurities) and burn it. then attach all your wool to a negative battery end in salty water (brine ) and put in a positive wire. then you will form alot of red iron oxide very very quickly. lots of people say that you should spead it out on a piece of paper to dry but an even better option is to leave it in shallow metal bowl to dry out and then break it down into a fine powder. and thats how to make it ! :D

Depending on things such as temperature and oxygen availability at each reaction site you probably won't have only FeO but a mixture of FeO, Fe3O4, and the many variations of Fe2O3. Each of these will react in a slightly different way in thermite but I do not know if the difference is significant. Considering you are probably not making thermite to very demanding specifications I cannot see it making a difference.

Also take note that steel wool will not only produce Iron oxide but also oxides of what ever else is mixed in to make that particular steel.

It produces iron oxide, yes.