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Will cutting off the tab from a pair of vibram fivefingers classic affect the shoe? Answered

I have a pair of vibram fiefingers, classic style, as seen here. When I wear them, I get small blisters on the achilles tendon part of my foot. Would cutting off the two rubber things that jut fro the back of the shoe affect the shoes?


I bought some yesterday & found the same problem after running a few miles. One other solution would be to put a piece of duct tape or a band-aid on my skin each time I run, but that will get to be a hassle. Has anyone cut the tab off without otherwise damaging the shoe? I would do this in a heartbeat if I could be relatively sure it wouldn't let other threads unravel, etc.

Well, as of now, I have nice calluses on my feet, so It doesn't hurt anymore. I recommend wearing them until you get blisters and then putting a band-aid ON THE SHOE, rather than your foot. Make sure it adheres to the shoe, and that the padding is facing the shoe, rather than your foot. And that that padding is facing your heel.

Thanks for the comment. After about 2 weeks of running in them, I stopped getting the blister each time (I had been wearing duct tape). I think my stride must have improved because I did not develop a callus, but the blisters stopped coming. I now regularly run 20-30 miles a week in them.