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Will having a power supply that is more powerfull than the oem one fry or damage the mother board? Answered

Basically I'm buying a new power supply for my computer because i bought a new graphics card and cpu and 2 more hard drives and iv never replaced a power supply before. So i was wondering say i have a 250W oem power supply and I am replacing it with a 850W power supply would this harm my mother board. Is there a way to tell what my mother board maximum amount of wattage is or will my mother board use only what it needs for the hardware I am almost certain its the latter but i am having a hard time finding info on this and want to be sure before i try anything. Thanks in advanced



Best Answer 8 years ago

Nope, it won't hurt it at all.
The wattage rating of a power supply is only indicative of its potential. It doesn't mean you will have the full 850 watts flowing through the MB. The increased wattage simply allows you to add additional or more powerful components requiring more than the OEM 250 watts.

Yeah thats what i was thinking i just wanted to be sure. Thank you very much for your answer.