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Will he think I'm a creepy international stalker?! Answered

There's a guy I like, and we have a weird chemistry, but I don't know what's going on with us if anything. Will he freak out if I send him a text message saying I miss him? (I'm currently in a different country)


There's nothing wrong with telling someone that you miss them, especially if you have things in common. You could just say, "I was thinking about you the other day...I miss seeing you", or "I miss talking with you". Honestly, if he thinks you're an international stalker because you're attempting to maintain the friendship/whatever, then you may have pegged him all wrong in the first place and ought to learn that as soon as possible so you don't get your heart wrapped around a phantom. I'm a bit puzzled by the "weird chemistry" things though...

Phrase it correctly and you'll be alright. E.g. say "Hi, how are you doing? I (saw/heard/did) and thought of (that time you/we/that) - wondered what you were up to." L

That's what I'd want to hear or something like that.

If I were you I would be honest, but tread carefully and slowly. I'd say something along the lines of the great rapport you feel, but also include an idea that you are not overly or unduly attached - just that you love to read his posts, he's funny, that sort of thing. Anything heavier and you'll prob freak him.