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Will it work if I put 400kv dc input in spark gap TC Answered

I have a ques if I put 400kv high voltage generator as an input in standard spark gap Tesla coil will it work https://m.banggood.com/DC-3_7V-6V-To-400KV-Boost-Step-Up-Power-Module-High-Voltage-Generator-p-915426.html



5 months ago

Those are NOT 400kv. They are modules which produce high voltage DC by means of a voltage multiplier (I believe.)

A tesla coil requires that the primary circuit has a high Q factor (very susceptible to oscillations, like a spring with a weight attached to it.), that the resonant frequency of this primary LC resonator is tuned to match the resonant frequency of the secondary (which is also an LC network, maybe an LCR network if you account for the sparks.)

The problem with that module, you do not know the output capacitance. How are you supposed to figure out what inductance you need for the primary? Sure you can probably use it. You will get results. Will you be happy with

Ohhhhkk I understand what u said in first 2 parra but in 3rd parra I don't understand what u wanna say ??????"you do not know the output capacitance. How are you supposed to figure out what inductance you need for the primary"????????

Please do some research into the operation of a tesla coil. It's basic stuff. I have a few tutorials on youtube about electronics which will get you caught up to speed. I also have a couple solid state tesla coil designs you may want to consider before hurting yourself with a SGTC.

The unit uses a voltage multiplier to step the output voltage up to a few tens of kilovolts. The output has a high output resistance due to the nature of voltage multipliers, it can't supply much average current. But it can make loud sparks because that small current can charge the output capacitor and when it reaches a high enough voltage, a spark can form and all the charge in the capacitor can be dumped nearly instantaneously.

If you dump that energy into an inductor through a spark gap, you form an LC resonant tank circuit and the current will slosh back and forth for several cycles, simalar to swingset swinging after pushing it. This oscillation will continue until the energy gets absorbed by resistance in the components and the secondary through magnetic induction.

I have seen ur" Tesla coil on steroids" video and I have already made one (not so powerful) and now I m interested in making SGTC and I read from instructables that u gonna need a step up transformer to step up voltage my question was that can I replace transformer for a 400kv module will it work same as original SGTC after proper adjustments. Is it even possible??

It does not cost much to give it a shot. My first SGTC was built using a high voltage unit from a disposable camera unit. It produced very faint purple streamers that were dimmer than that of my slayer exciter and about 1/2 inch long. I did not know much about electronics back then, but I have learned a lot since then. I am sure you can build a tesla coil using that module, I just can't say for sure how well it would actually work. Especially if you do not know enough to properly tune it and optimize it.

Also, please use proper grammar when posting online. People including myself will be questioning your age and intelligence when reading such poorly worded pleas for help. (I would be embarrassed.) i.e, 'u'. 'gonna' and 'ur' are not recognized english words.