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Will it work if I use a guitar in the microphone input Answered

Sorry, can't really think straight today I'm just wondering if I got an adapter for a standard guitar cable to fit the microphone input in my sound card, would it would it work as a microphone and record off my humbuckers?


I have a question...i don't have recording jack in my guitar. so if i want to record then is it possible to install recording jack externally or i need to buy a newer one with recording jack....

I just tried that the other day and it worked pretty good. Got the adapter at Wal-Mart.

Get a DI, it'll help

Yes. Make the microphone default in 'sounds' though.

My guess is for recording device. Instead of 'line in', use 'microphone.'


9 years ago

You can record like that- I've done it before, and I knew a guy who couldn't find his microphone for Skype so plugged in his guitar and shouted at the strings :)

It is very quiet, so you probably want amplification before recording off it, but if you have a guitar amp or preamp you can get a jack-to-jack cable and record from the headphone out port of the amplifier.

so, from experience, a line from my amps headphone jack to my computers microphone jack works out a-ok?

There's a little sound that comes in over the line. I think they have different impedances. For the most part it works though. I've done it many times.

would it work if you used your amp's headphone line out to your computer's line in?

Im sorry: is not so simple. The computer's microphones are not the same that the guitar ones. Computers use Electret micrhophones witch have a tiny built-in amplifier, so they need some power. Dynamic michophones (like your guitar's ones) act as inverted speakers: they have tiny magnets and coils that act together to generate electricity (milivolts), so they dont need power, but they need HUGE amplification. The way to solve your problem is getting a Dynamic Microphone Preamplifier (you dont need professional ones). Then pluggin the preamp's out to the computer's Line In (the blue headphone jack). If you use a laptop you have noother way than buying an special adapter because laptops dont have the blue headphone jack. Anyway, remember that you will not have guitar effects. Another way is pluggin your normal guitar amp to the computers Line IN (the amp's headphone out to the computers Line In) Good Bye!

Another way is pluggin your normal guitar amp to the computers Line IN (the amp's headphone out to the computers Line In)

since the headphone jack gives electricity to the headphones, and the microphone jack sends electricity. Wouldnt that be a problem?

I don't see why not (all standard disclaimers apply).

Haven't tried but you may need a preamp or attenuator to get the right level input for the computer mic. You either end up with low level sound or distortion in certain ranges. That is why they sell input boxes to plug your instruments in and convert to usb for your recording software. They are not active or powered pickups so I'm not sure what you might hear.

. I won't say it's impossible, but I've never heard of a guitar being harmed by plugging it into an unpowered* input.

  • Some mics require a bias voltage, but those are few and far between and seldom, if ever, used with computers

is it an unpowered input? I thought it was because there's no batteries to my headset

. Go for it. Unless you have a "weird" audio card, it won't harm the guitar or card. It may not sound good, but it shouldn't do any damage.

i thought i saw something like that but i'm wasn't sure
careful, your close to admitting that you have ibles nightmares

. As Kiteman says, it should work. . As c'dad says, you may have to tweak the level to get a good sound. If the level is too high (lots of "fuzz"), try using the Line (1V P-P) input.