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Will it work? Answered

I have seen advert for hanging  containers for tomatoes, but the friut  hangs from the bottom, can seeds be "persuaded" to grow downward?


 they work just fine once you have a sprout and to get that you must start them traditionally aka right side up then flip them and wah la there you go an up side down plant

 lol you kinda were trying to say that but i just put it into a more simple way of saying it

Dude, that was sarcasm. I was trying to say "stop hijacking other people's answers" in a polite way. Since that didn't work: Stop hijacking other people's answers.

Copying an answer almost word-for-word, except without punctuation, is not simplification or clarification. It is plagiarism. But since we clearly have a difference of opinion on that point, I will just ask you to please stop "simplifying" my answers and come up with your own answers instead. I do not speak for anyone else on this site, but I suspect that the other people whose answers you have "simplified" would appreciate the same consideration.

 okay no need to treat  me like a freakin two year old ok i know what plagarism is and for your info I did not COPY YOUR ANSWER word for word I made my own answer just it happened to sound similar and bring the same point to the table 

 okay first of all why are you picking a fight with me because all i know is that you are way to old to be picking a fight with a 15 year old (logically speaking) your incredibly immature and i am sorry that you are that way. 

So I'm supposed to give you a free pass to rip off anybody you want because you're younger than I am? You blatantly copy answers from other people instead of coming up with your own, and I'm the immature one? Grow up, kid. Feel sorry for yourself.
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.  From my POV, this is one of those "debates" where both of you have a good point:
.  There's nothing wrong with "verifying" an answer by repeating what others have said. Just don't repeat it verbatim; try to explain from a different angle or amplify what was already said.
.  If you are repeating/expanding what someone has said, give them credit. Eg, "As So-and-so said ...", "To expand on what JaneDoe said, ...", "NachoMahma may be a jerk, but he's right about..."
.  No response expected. Let's learn from this and move on.

 thank you nacho for seeing the way i do

.  I didn't say I think you are right, just that you have a good point. ;)
.  When you start calling ppl jerks and using your age as an excuse, whether you're right or not, you've lost the battle.

 I know that but i was not using my age as an excuse 

Quick reminder: You're likely to get more useful answers faster if your question phrase  is a complete idea -- ie, if you had replaced "it" with "hanging tomato containers".

(First step is to get the attention of the people who might know the answer. A vague question may be skipped over as uninteresting.)

They work just fine, but you have to start the plants in a traditional upright position, and then transplant the young tomato plants into the upside-down thingy after they sprout. The upside-down planters work for many different kinds of plant, too, not just tomatoes.

Being vines, tomatoes like hanging around. I'm hoping to plant a load of them inverted this year.