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Will keeping a cell phone in an Altoids tin damage it?? Answered

Hi. i just got a cell phone, and since i have very little money, i have to keep it safe and working for quite a while because i wont be able to afford a replacement. To help keep the phone safe, i made a phone case from an altoids case, covered in leather with a belt loop and padding on the inside. I was wondering if keeping the phone entirely surrounded by metal could have any ill affects on it. I understand that it reduces signal by quite a lot, bit will it actually harm the phone?



Best Answer 7 years ago

It could have an effect on the battery life and you might find that it is often discharged if you leave it on while in the case. A cell phone is always trying to "phone home" in other words its always looking for a signal. When its locked onto a tower its just fine and goes into low power mode. But if it can't get a good signal its always scanning trying to find a better, stronger signal. When it does this it uses a lot more power because its constantly active. With my old phone when it can't find a signal it kills the battery within a day, whereas when it gets a good signal it will last for more than 3 days. The constant charging and discharging will wear out your battery. So it would be best to turn it off before you put it in the case.


My phone's charge normally lasts 5-7 days. When I stayed with my parents, outside of coverage, it lasted less than two.

Vyger's response is correct. If you're going to store the phone in a Faraday cage (which is what a closed metal box is), then make sure you turn it off before doing so. The phone itself won't be affected (and no, it does not matter if the Altoids tin is magnetized), but the battery will run down pretty quickly.


7 years ago

Nope, the only real issues you would need to concern yourself with would be abrasion from the metal box and signal loss.

I assume that you don't need to receive calls on the phone while it is stored in the tin?

There should be no damage the phone as a result of storing it in the tin.

It shouldn't affect the phone in the long run, unless the Altoids tin is somehow magnetized.