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Will my Cold Cathode Computer Light work? Answered

I just bought a Coolermaster ULTRA AURORA (DUAL) from a local store. On arriving home, i went to place it in my new HAF 932 case from Coolermaster. I have open slots and power supply for it but my video cards are to big to place it from the inside into the rear panel port. It has a on and off switch and a dimmer on it. Since i cant fit it in, i looked at bypassing the switch. the cord that plugs into the psu can fit in the switch or the inverter. I wanted to know if i can SAFELY bypass the switch. Go directly from the psu to the inverter to the bulbs is my plan. Would that be bad for anything? Coolermaster was of no help. Apparently, the model is 5 years discontinued no longer has manuals on file. They were less then helpful.


You can safely bypass the switch if you're sure that's the only function it has.

The only drawback is that it'll always be ON.

It doesnt bother me that it will always be ON while i have my computer on. Afterall that is the point. But that is my problem, im not sure if  the switch has only that function. It goes froma molex power connector to the switch with a dimmer and on / off switch to the box (inverter box from what ive read) to the two bulbs.