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Will my Sugru still work after the stated use by date? Answered

I won some sugru from a contest on another website and it has a best before or use by date on it. How strictly do i have to stick to this? Will it still be good after that? I ask because i have only used one small sachet and the date is next month.

Does anybody know how it performs after the stated date?




Best Answer 6 years ago

The state of the Sugru degrades after the best-by date. I had some about 3-4 months out of date, it had cured completely in the packets.

Would refridgerating as suggested here slow down the curing process?

I believe so.

There's a website on the packets - check that, because they have an advice section.

For a marginal additional benefit, also put it in an extra freezer vacuum bag. Lack of air, I think, should also slow the curing process.

yes I have also read on the sugru forums that any moisture absorbing substances such as silica will help slow the process.


6 years ago

Ok, is that permanently or just before i need it? cause I reckon it could take another year to use up. I could just waste it all but then I'll find I really do need some a week or so down the line and cause it's expensive I don't want to use it for the sake of using it.

It may work, try sticking the packets in the refrigerator, that often helps.