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Will persimmon trees breed true from seed? Answered

There is a persimmon tree nearby with fruit a little bigger than most. Can I just use the seeds, or do I have to cut a branch and make it root? I know apples don't breed true from seeds, but I don't know about persimmons.


Generally speaking, when you find a plant variant that displays specific traits, a graft or root clone is executed to duplicate its specifics. The essential purpose of natural offspring is to introduce new traits and variance to promote evolution of the species, so using seeds would be a very hit or miss approach.

How many children do you know who look, act, and for all intents an d purposes are clones of their parents?

According to Wikipedia, it will grow into a rather large tree. In fact, in America they are commonly grafted onto an American tree to make it grow shorter (about 20'). This makes me believe it wont be a true breed, since it is usually grafted. One way to find out is to grow the tree from seed and wait for it to bear fruit. If it is the same as the original tree, then great. If not, you can just graft a bud from the other tree onto this one and it will be a clone of the original.