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Will pseudo-surgery hurt if I'm asleep? Will I wake up in the process? *UPDATE* The surgery was a success! I added pics, come take a look! Answered

So, tonight my parents are gonna remove a piece of glass that's been lodged in my foot for four years. How I got that piece of glass stuck in there was because I kicked open a glass bookshelf four years ago, when I'm still at the age of ten. I managed to live with it, but just now the piece of glass suddenly emerged from my skin. I tried removing it, but dang that was painful. So my parents decided to remove it when I'm asleep. Now, the question is, will it hurt at all? Will I wake up from the shock?

Thanks in advance for answering.


The operation was a success! I added pics, come take a look! Thanks again for those who have helped me out by commenting and giving me advice!



9 years ago

What was the IV for?

They use it to transfer the sleep anesthetic and painkillers.


By the way, can you answer my PM?

Yeah, but it kinda hurts. Not so much to make me even complain to the doctor (Lol, force fed martial arts made my pain tolerance very high, but then again that has nothing to do with it, IV shots really doesn't hurt that much), but it would be nicer if they just used chloroform or that gas mask or the like.

I did. Just wait a while, you know how the PMs I sent are...

No it wouldn't. Gas stinks, makes everything spin around and buzz, and makes you throw up. I had ether when I had my tonsils removed, and I was throwing up for days (which is not good when you've just had throat surgery, eh? Apparently my pediatrician was NOT pleased.) And a bunch of teeth pulled knocking me all the way out with nitrous. Hated it. Went the IV route for more teeth and oral surgery, plus the shoulder surgery - MUCH better. Never understood using nitrous for "pleasure." Yuch! Glad things worked out OK. I've heard that glass is really hard to detect on Xrays, and they usually have to go in and feel around... Maybe XRays have gotten better since then!

Oh, okay. Glad to see an expert voice his opinion on what I said. I just assumed it would be better because it's a much more quick and painless alternative, but I guess I'm proven wrong.

Yeah, I'm just glad that now I'll stop getting those really painful shocks in my leg I've been having for the past four years.

And no, I wasn't X-Rayed four years ago, the son of a ***** doctor at the other hospital just stitched up my wounds without saying anything. How the heck can he not know this?! How the heck can he not recommend X-Raying my foot?! I'm actually thinking of getting the law involved and sue that hospital, or at least that screwed up doctor...

Hey, it's been a long time since we talked. The internet service went kaploot. By the way, a made a home made machate with a blackened blade and high impact black resin plastic handle. Just updating. Okay, first order of business... 1. Gas WILL make everything spin, and you might throw up if you have a weak stomach. 2. It may make you high. 3. It disperses quickly, which means shorter operation time, unless they constantly administer the gas, which means you will be sick for DAYS, and possibly build up a resistance. Nextly... 1. How many street fights have you been in? 2. Any operations in result? 3. Scars? Broken bones? Medical conditions? Random times in which you scream in the night like a little baby in its crib? 4. Any street fights with friends? Please answer me if possible. P.S. Nice surgery. Is this the worst one you've had? I'd like to see a leg/foot injury top this.

Haha, yeah. How have you been? That's cool about the machete. Did you blacken it using paint or the traditional olive oil & Japanese medicine method? Well, it sounds cool either way =) And a resin handle? Wow! You're starting to get really good at this! My handles are always wood or steel, I never used resin before =P

Eh, OK, thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated =)

Ehm, let's see, I've been in many street fights, really. I'm quite good at fighting and my friends always want me in their team for a so-called "gang war" =P

Any operations? No, but I've gotten around 3 stitches, first is because some jerk knifed me in my arm, second is because a bigger jerk dropped a GIANT wooden pole on the top of my head, splitting it open, and the third one isn't really caused by a street fight, me and my cousin was sparring with weapons and he accidentally landed a cut on my thigh with his machete, I got really mad so I split his head open by landing 5 hard consecutive Tonfa blows on his head. We were then both hospitalized =P

Scars? Lots. Broken bones? Once. Medical conditions? Haha, no, I'm perfectly sane, thank you very much.

Sad to say this isn't the worst one I had, my worst one was kinda embarrassing and rather..... Se xu al......

Sorry if I was being too personal. Right now, I'm in Kentucky doing wood and metal work. So far I've made the machete and a couple knives. Tomorrow, I'm going to make nunchuks, and my big project right now is a 'sparring dummy', that will be made of wood, old clothes, and sofa cushions.

I used a very special way to blacken the blade, in a VERY old book called The Chemical Formulary Check it out if you can, I'm learning to make pyrotechnics out of glasss cigar tubes.

Sorry about that last part... Truly....

Sounds awesome. Take pictures if you can, I'm really looking forward to seeing the results!

Again, sounds awesome. I'll try to get me a copy of the book if I can, although the chances are probably slim to none =P =(

Haha, it's Ok! I don't really keep that much secrets anyways =P

I made 3 4-pointed shurikens yesterday. I'm going to grind out the untempered part, paint them with header paint, and re-temper them. pictures for everyhing I've worked on coming in a week or so.

Cool. Are they like the generic Shaken or are they somewhat curved like the Togakure Senban? Either way, sounds awesome, can't wait to see the results =)
Oh and I don't really suggest tempering while the paint is still intact, but the choice is yours, I guess =)

If you keep this up, you'll be better than me in no time =P Heck, you can be I'bles' new "that kid who makes weapons" =P

I was going to try to make them like tyhe togure senban, but my uncles cutter was leaking, so I couldn't do very fine detail work. Also, I meant to say header paint after tempering. I was tired. Better than you? I don't know. Equal? Maybe. It would help if I had the proper tools more often. I WILL post pictures of my weapons as soon as I get home. By the way, What is your experience with making spears? I made a new one, and I can't fdind anything like one anywhere, and it looks kind of like a giant metal paintbrush, that only paints in colors when it jabs someone. If you can slightly tell by my two-second mspaint drawing, it looks like this.


I see. It's Ok, we're all tired sometime.

Haha, I'll take that as a praise.

Hey, that's pretty cool! From the looks of it I assume that it's some sort of Yari, yes? And I'm fairly good at making spears, I made a collapsible Naginata out of PVC with a detachable blade =)

I'm posting my first Instructable tonight, and slideshows tomorrow. Night. Just got home. Also, made a new sword. Too tired to describe.

Haha, okay. First I'ble eh? Good for you, I'll be sure to check it out.

Dang dude! Why didja jam yer foot trough glass? Just for the ---- of it. Geez man.

I kicked open a glass bookshelf. For gosh sakes it's in the initial topic description, learn to read. Although I do admit it was kinda stupid, if I remember correctly I do have this long steel baton I used for martial arts back then and if I really did need to smash the bookshelf open I could just use the baton, but no, I just had to be Superman junior and kick it open =(


9 years ago

so I stabbed myself with a sword!

in the foot. True Story

So? What've you got against me? This thing hurts like heck. And if you did stab yourself with a sword, take a picture of the wound or at least the scar left from the wound. If you don't have pics, you lied, end of story.

P.S. I believe you why don't you believe me?

Everyone believes me, 'cause I have pictures. Actual evidence from when I'm in the hospital, the glass shards that was taken out, and the bandaged wound.

What you did is just spouting generic 'heroic' accounts of accidents that didn't happen to make yourself sound good. Now, if only you would show me some pictures, then I would believe you, no problem. And don't tell me it didn't left a scar 'cause getting stabbed by a long razor shard object will leave a scar. I got sliced lots of times when I was making homemade knives & machetes and they're just tiny, painless scratches, but even that leaves scars.

shut up you wnaabe ninjag

Haha, pathetic. I'm not a wannabe Ninja, I never called myself a Ninja, not even once. You fail. GTFO off my property you dirtbag. You just got owned.

Well, then you must have lied. Keep telling yourself that you speak the truth, but if you just keep spouting crud without providing evidence no one's gonna believe you. Don't try to act tough kid, even if you did get stabbed by a sword, so what? It's good that you made it through, but do you think you're some sort of hero? Look, I got glass shards stuck in my leg, and I admit that was painful because it is. I don't care if you got stabbed by a dang sword and you think it's cool and all. What I advise you to do is just stop this dang charade 'cause you're lookin' really pathetic. Oh and there was no scar? That's just a lie. If you got stabbed through your leg by a big sharp object such as a sword, it must've left a scar. You fail.

I told a dude that it's bad to cuss if: -You do it for the sole purpose of joking -You don't use censors I cuss, but I'm not doing it for the sole purpose of joking, and I did censor it.

Jesus look at those glass shards!

Those pieces of glass are HUGE. I can't believe the doctor didn't take them out when you first got them in your foot.

Yeah, Indonesian docs are screwed up in the head...

Yeah. When me and my dad went to a doctor four years ago we insist on getting an X-Ray test but the doctor insists on simply stitching up the wound and leaving it just-like-that. I hate him so much, I'm thinking of getting my family's lawyer to sue him right now.

If I were you I would try to sue him, because I would be REALLY MAD at him. Did the glass in your foot hurt before now? Like when you walked or something?

Lol, glad to see someone backing up my opinion. And yes, it did hurt. It had always hurt, and the pain never goes away. If I leave it be, it would just sting a bit, but if excessive pressure is applied on my foot, it would hurt like fc#k. Around 3 days before the surgery I got into a street fight and my leg got cracked with a wrench, it started hurting so I ran away and went home. Around 2-3 hours after that goo and blood started squirting out of my leg (seriously) and the glass starts emerging, it was so painful so I decided to just have surgery.

If it always hurt for four years I would be P.O'd. I hope your foot ends up feeling a LOT better.

Thanks, it does feel a lot better.


9 years ago

Owtch.... Go to a doctor!

Yeah, I went to a doctor just now, and he tried to forcefully pull the glass out using those little pincers. He didn't even numb me, 'cause he said he was just "trying things out". I screamed out loud, 'cause I won't lie to you, it hurts like ****. I got an X-Ray shot of my foot, and turns out there was four frickin' stacks of glass embed in my skin. And believe me, it goes deep. He said that it needs to be removed quickly, so I need to have surgery first thing in the morning tomorrow.

The good news is the doctor understands that the pain may be too much to handle if he just numbs me with local anethestic, so he decided that he'll put me to sleep. I'm not that worried anymore now, 'cuz now I know I'll just sleep through the painful procedure.

Oh sorry, just found out what those 'little pincers' are called. Tweezers or... or something =P

Or they are called "forceps" L

Bingo. Forceps, yeah, just remembered.

(I work in the heath-service, and I also know "vein-strippers" and "perineal sutures" eew!) L

I just shuddered while reading vein-strippers.

It's nasty, they essentially rip them out of your legs (if you're old and have varicose-veins) L