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Will replacement airsoft barrel for a specific type of gun work in another? Answered

I have a TSD SDM100 airsoft sniper rifle, and i wanted to get a tightbore airsoft barrel in in. i could not find the barrel length on the gun box, in the booklet, or online. I measured the barrel in my gun with a tape, and it turns out to be a little under 16 inches, or 455mm. On airsplat.com, i found a barrel that matches the length, and is a tightbore of good make. However, it is labled that it is for AK47 type guns. it looks no different than the barrel in my gun. Is it okay to get this barrel? Will it work? It is expensive, so i dont want to get it and then have it not work. Any and all help appreciated. Could i possibly get a longer barrel to be safe and then cut it to fit?


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Best Answer 8 years ago

HMMM. it realy depends on the size. if you get the right size, it will undoubtedly wok, so measure your outer barrel IN MILLIMETERS, and add 10 (for the hop up). Or take the inner barrel out of the hop up and measure that. then, go online and find a barrel AS CLOSE as you can find it to the estimated length (preferably go lower to avoid having to cut the inner barrel). Dont mix and match asault rifle barrels with sniper barrels though, because you risk it being too wide or too thin for your outer barrel. if you could help me pick one of the two red dot/ suggest one, i would REALY apreciate it. the question is on page-