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Will replicate any gun* Answered

Yup you give me a gun and I will replicate it* I just don't know what to build but I really need something to post NOW! I'm trying to build my rep up even more so I'm hoping to have at least 10 replicated guns before the end of this summer. Please leave me a good picture of the gun or a link to it. I have the right to reject any gun that I feel I either dislike (miniguns) are too simple (sten) or too complex (uh...insert some very complex weapon here)
*will not make anything that involves explosives unless I feel like having an extra grenade launcher or something. I have enough pieces to make most weapons but still limited so nothing big. I will also not make a random gun with just requested features it has to be a real gun.
Edit: To encourage people to vote for a gun I'm going to list the features I hope to include in the gun if I do make it.

~List of guns~
SAW-1 I'll try adding a chain either for actual loading or most likely looks not sure what else yet.
M1 Garand-2 I'll probably try a similar loading style.
MP5-1 Detacheable mag plus extendable stock.
FN F9000-2 (just one more vote) Bullpup design and...well I'm not sure what else
Dragunov-1 Detacheable mag and I'm not sure what else but there will be more.
You may either place one vote or add your own. I'm only taking 2 more requests bofore you have to vote on one of the choices. If you vote for someone's idea then please post so in a reply to their weapon so I can keep track of how many people voted for it.
I'll probably hold this topic until one of the guns (or an new suggested gun) gets 3 votes so hopefully it won't be too long. Then I'll build the next to reach 3 and so on. New guns will be able to replace the old ones in the list that get built.




10 years ago

FN F2000:

FN F2000.JPG

Hmm interesting. You just had to make it a bullpup design. mkay if enough people agree with you that I'll try it.

ooooo....that looks interesting. i found the topic so i request the M1 Garand (as you already know :)). Dont think you need a picture though lol.

lol of course not. Man I'm just going to have to stop requests after the 5th weapon and then take a poll from there or i'm going to get too many requests and no votes.

ya, youll have to make a hundred different guns if you dont put a limit lol.

yeah please make the fn 2000 i want a knex replica of my airsoft gun


6 years ago


Why are you bumping a topic that has not been used for over 2 years?

I know right? You are pretty lucky to win it three times. Well for a prize you get a Anti-Aircraft Shotgun.

I want a dragunov!!!


if its not too late id like to vote for m1garrand

Dragunov Sniper Rifle


i thought that was a fictional gun when katarukito posted one

lol, Zomg, you haven't played call of duty 4!!! It's a real gun, semi-automatic sniper rifle.

so it is fictional. no, i havent, first off, i dont have the ps3, the only console that can play it

Ehm, PC??? I don't get where you're going with the fictional thing though, it's a real gun.

is it used by a national military? if yes, then i am wrong. if no, then i am right

Just because it isn't used by a national Military doesn't make it a real gun. I'm fairly sure no militarys use the musket any more, but it is still a real gun.

I think you mean just because a gun isn't used by the military doesn't mean it's a fictional gun. There are handful of guns that aren't used and they exist. I don't get where DJ gets that idea.

Real, Fictional- same difference.

Uh Fictional=not real...they're complete opposites. Nonfictional=real.

Ok, reworded to say what I meant:

Just because it isn't used by a national Military doesn't notmake it a real gun. I'm fairly sure no militarys use the musket any more, but it is still a real gun.

That may be bad English but it is the clearest way of demonstrating what I meant.

Also, I've been getting sloppy lately...

clap clap for the *cough**cough*

they wont let minors buy m rated games

"they" Elaborate please. If it means your parents then that's a problem, otherwise just ask your parents.

It's real, It's a semi auto only, longer barrel, larger round version of the AK-47

lol god dangit. I actually made one earlier this weeked but I destroyed it because I figured I could have made a better one. Well I guess we'll see if I will or not.

FN F9000 :D!

man I thought a bullpup design would be a pain in the (donkey) but now a SAW? lol well actually it shouldn't be that bad. only reason why people think so is because it looks big and complicated. Still I wonder if I have enough pieces. If not I might go out and buy some more (ebay isn't my thing even though I know you can get like 40% the real value on there) Oh and can I get the exact name of the weapon for further examination?

I typed in FN MINIMI on google images and this popped up first

I'm a bit late, but if you have nothing better to do, could you try a PPSh? COD5 has inspired me >) Wohoo new smiley created by a typo!