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Will solar power controllers work with wind turbines? Answered

I was looking at solar power controllers and I was wondering if the would function properly if i connect a wind turbine made from a stepper motor to them. The solar controllers I were looking at are on this page:http://www.bgmicro.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=395


Solar power controllers are not the same as wind power controllers.

Solar power controllers just shut off the power to the panels when batteries are full and this does no harm to the panels.

Wind turbines need a constant load or they will free spin and damage the generator and blades. Wind turbines will also run continually and overcharge batteries if not controlled.

A wind power controller maintains a load on the turbine and has a power dump feature to send excess power to some other use like a water heater.

They make dual purpose controllers that will do both and look on ebay for one.

I do not suggest trying to build one as you are dealing with voltage that can burn a house down!

I use wind and solar at my off grid cabin and you can see my videos for ideas:



8 years ago

A building that I do maintenance work on has a 3 phase 15kw wind gen that uses solar controllers (inverters) to feed directly back into the mains and is monitored using the sunny web box unit



I've only ever seen one solar controller that worked with both solar and wind - on separate inputs - to save the user having 2 controllers if they wanted both. I'd think the pulsed dc, or worse wild ac would damage a solar controller.

Which controller is it? We have a health centre in Nigeria powered by a hand built wind turbine and 4 solar panels and need somehow to work out a good system. thanks

Please tell me more about your system. How big is your wind turbine (like how long are the blades, what kind of tower is it on). What size are the solar panels. How are they hooked up now? How many, what size are your batteries? mrhney

I was just googling solar charge controller - and one was boasting it was the only hybrid controller. I couldn't link because I passed it by long ago.

throw a cap in parallel, that would fix the minor pulses... I know you can buy some pretty HUGE caps if you go to the right places.

But if you rectify the power and filter it to the right DC voltage then it should work.