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Will the Marines (or any branch of our military) let you be a sniper (or anything at all)? Answered

I am 13 and am interested in being a sniper. But I have glasses!




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That would be a good question for them specifically. You'll need a lot of training, and tactical jobs like that go to the top of the class - so you must strive to be the best. Training early for quality riflemanship, teamwork, and athletic perfection is a big help. By the time you're old enough perhaps you can pick up some corrective surgery for your eye condition - otherwise that may cause problems.

Ok thanks. That was really helpful. I'm doing a lot of research about snipers, like the mil-dot scope and the Ghille suit and stuff like that. Thanks again!

Awesome! And...you're welcome! The recruiting sites (goarmy.com or etc) often have a chat with a recruiter section where you can get answers for stuff like this. Don't forget to mark the question as answered!

Well, I'm going to be joining the Marines in a few years because I have something to prove to myself and to everyone else. If you want to prove to yourself you can take on anything the USMC scout sniper school is where to do it. As far as I can tell (have friends in the Marines) when it comes to vision glasses are fine. You must have vision correctable to 20/20. When you are in training you will wear "birth controllers" (the glasses are called so because you will never get laid wearing em' XD) But scout sniper school is basically hell :) Most think you just need to be able to shoot good to be a sniper. This is infact not true. The shooting is something anyone can learn. Being a sniper is about much more than good shooting, its about sitting perfectly still for days while your enemy walks right over you, bugs bite you, and you freeze just so you can get that perfect shot. Scout sniper is the most demanding position in the military. If you are going to do this make sure its what you really want. Then think about it some more. Then just for good measure think once more. I wish you good luck future devil dog :)
Semper Fi!

Yeah, I saw that show. They might have just been sunglasses, i dont know. I think I've got what it takes. :D

have you seen the shoe sniper school, there was a guy in training with glasses so I would say yes. and good luck only 1/4 of the people that sign up make it through 50% wash out and 50% of what's left don't graduate