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Will this LCD work on any 40-pin LVDS driver board? Answered

Take a look at this datasheet, particularly the intput/output description.

If I were to use a different LVDS driver board with a 40 pin connector, do you think it will work with this display? Is there any kind of standard among all 40-pin LVDS displays and driver boards?

E.g. This driver board


LCD's are extremely picky when it comes to the controller.
There some universal displays as well as driver boards out there but unless they are a perfect match you will only see frustration and wasted money.
Complete system with various input options are available for little mony, might be worth checking....


2 years ago

1] Don't see how a 40-pin LVDS connects to a 30-pin driver.

2] Reading the instructions by the driver supplier as to the the differing kits, I would not think there is a standard driver board.