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Will water block a cell phone signal? i.e. Can I make cell calls in a homemade submarine? Answered

I'm thinking about putting together a homemade submarine of sorts. the cabin will be a blue plastic barrel, and contact to the surface would be nice. How deep should I be able to go before I lose service? Please no comments on how dangerous this could end up being. I'm well aware :)


millimetres. hgh frequency RF is strongly absorbed by water..

What would you guys suggest as a good way of communication that could be cheap? I'm leaning torwards a string run up to a little bell.

Well you could just use wires?


That's a thought. I could keep it really simple and a one way connection could be fine. I really just want my friends to know if I get in a hairy situation and start screaming :)

IIRC, real submarines receive coded messages by ELF - it can take seconds, even minutes per letter.

But they're trying to move to telepathy?


I thought that was the Tactical Anti Goat Forces?

(I will, eventually, watch that film.)

not nearly as good a movie as I'd hoped...so star studded, so much potential, such a let down.

Thanks for the answers guys. That movie had a few funny moments, but overall I was as disappointed as frollard.

Maybe I will too, It might be my sort of thing...


not nearly as good a movie as I'd hoped...so star studded, so much potential, such a let down.

Yes, and a thousand mile long aerial AFAIR. Steve


8 years ago

This has got to be the funniest question I've seen to date :D

I do my best xD

First I have to say how much I like this question. I've always wanted to build a homemade submarine, but two things keep me from doing it. One, I can't swim in an "abandon ship" scenario, and two, I am land locked, there is no place to use this for at least an almost two hour drive. I don't know what phone you are using, but I have a older one with an external antenna. With it I can fuss with things seeing what is increasing, decreasing, or just creasing my signal. I discovered (while taking it apart to see the plausibility of remounting the guts to it in the case of a star trek communicator) that under one of the little rubber feet is a subtle external antenna jack. Assuming the water you are in is ionized, and/or conductive, it is probably going to act as if you walked into a box made of copper screen, cutting you off from the world. Possibly, if you connected your phone's antenna to a lead running outside of the ship to the water, using the water as an antenna, you might get signal. Then again, it may just defuse. Before doing all this, it might just be easier to go under water with some goggles and your phone in a few zipblocks, and wait a few seconds, and watch your signal.

Thanks for your thoughts. I'll be sure to make an i'ble and I'll let you know when I put it up.