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Will you be at this year's Maker Faire in San Mateo? Answered

We want to see you there!

Last year we paid a visit to each of our authors who were exhibiting at Maker Faire in San Mateo, and hooked them up with a little sumpin'-sumpin'. So, will we see you there this year? Let us know in the comments below, and share a little about what you'll be bringing to the show.


I'm going and bringing my nephew (his first). Does anyone know where to get ticket discounts???

PS I'm not exhibiting, just visiting.

http://makerfaire2013.eventbrite.com/  Buy online and print out the tickets to scan at the gate.  It says door prices will go up but there is the service charge of buying online. The Early Bird specials are usually a month or two before the event which probably expired.

Yes, that's true, but sometimes exhibitors will have extra tickets that they give away as prizes. Whole Foods sells discounted tickets but for some reason not in the store near me, I have to go across town. I saw some ticket giveaways in the forums in past years but not this year. I wondered of there would be any promotions here this year.

We'll be there for sure! Not sure exactly what we'll be bringing yet, but were working hard to get it ready. Hopefully SF will be warmer than London- it certainly was last year!

Ha, that Autodesk henchman with you at the NYC Maker Faire last year kicked the crate of t-shirts under the table when he spotted us heading toward the booth. Are they jacking up the prices of t-shirts even more this time around?

I'm sure he was just beautifying! And of course we'll have shirts this year - will we be seeing you there?

We will be going to the NYC Maker Faire in September. I hope they bring back Arc Attack which was missing last year.