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Will jailbreaking my ipod touch allow me to get apps that need a higher iOS to run? Answered

Hi, I have a second gen ipod touch. Latley I have not been able to download any new apps because it says I require a greater iOS. I am not going to buy a new ipod that I payed good money for just because apple want people to spend more money on a new devise as part of there marketing scheme. Anyway, my question is that if I jailbreak my ipod is there a way I can install new apps? Or is there another way of installing a greater iOS on my second gen ipod?

Thanks, David.



Best Answer 5 years ago

Loose explanation: New apps require application access to new iOS features - hence why they don't work on the older version, and to maintain compatibility with their servers/etc they have to force the update for everyone.
The iOS update requires the newer faster hardware because they add features that would make the device run outside what apple considers 'fast' - part of the reason they are so quick is they severely restrict the instructions/cpu for other stuff...

Long story short, unless you are installing a new version of the OS that may or may not support the old hardware -- OR you jailbreak and manage to find an old version of the app that isn't blocked, then maybe it would work, but I'll give you 99% it's not possible for the OS being unstable, the app not working with the server (because of the old version number), or some other error.

No, You bought apple, apple didn't tell you at the time, but the planned obsolescence has bitten you. My advice: get a different brand replacement.


Answer 5 years ago

I'm eying up a nexus 7 and 10...perhaps the 'next' gen of nexus, as I just bought a TF201 and that should last me well through the Tegra3 'era' of tablet, and I can't justify more toys until these wear out.