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Win The Book "Designing For Re-use", Post Your Reused Items Answered

We at instructables are hosting a mini-contest where you can win a new book!

Post your own reuse project and win a brand new copy of the book "Designing For Re-use: The Life Of Consumer Packaging" by Tom Fisher and Janet Shipton. The book features Instructables.com extensively and we wanted to pass on a copy to our community! We have one copy available and the winner will be chosen at random.

How to Enter:
Post a comment to this forum with a picture with a description, link to your blog, or instructable where you took something people normally throw away and came up with a unique way to reuse it.

This contest will run till June 6th. We hope to see your cool reuse items!

To purchase a copy of the book click here: Amazon.com

The Winner Is: ChrysN for posting all of their wonderful projects! Thanks to everyone for submitting!



8 years ago

I have a couple of reuse things:

(made from cereal boxes)

(a bracelet made from pet hair)

(like the title says made from old hard drive parts)

(made from old floppies)


As chosen by random selection, this is the winning post! Thanks for submitting all your great instructables of reuse items!

well, in my TALKING Music Box, I took a music box, and an old walkie talkie to create a prank talking music (or whatever you'd like) box. https://www.instructables.com/id/April-Fool-the-Talking-Music-Box-or-whatever/

Are you the new gopher intern for Instructables? Or did you hack to feature this wonderful spammy topic?  You should really have an intern patch or badge something.

If legit, my stuff reuses cardboard and some plastic bottles.

He's legit - we'll be updating the About page shortly.

 Something about the style of writing triggered my Spidey senses.  It may have been more focused, defined, concise...wait

I'm from New York City, trust no one.   Any other stealth interns we need to be acquainted with?

Hang on, eh, what, no, really? Ha, no, we'd have heard the party from this side of the Atlantic if she did!

 Was that a "You got accepted into the Polluted Air Fund program to send inner country kids to the big city to become an underpaid and overworked intern" or just trying to keep hope alive?

Not quite in the same league as some of the others, but in the interest of playing anyway:


The armor is mostly made from old football pads and soy sauce buckets, and the boots are largely comprised of outgrown jeans, gallon milk jugs and papier mache.

(I also have one in progress about making baskets out of old wine and beer bottles, but I doubt that one will be published in time for the deadline.)


Try "cheapskate" instead - why should I pay for raw materials when they're piled up in our recycling bin?

Im afraid the pros have won in a landslide already

Well, it's an instructable (hope that's OK) but here's one of my literally green reuses: https://www.instructables.com/id/Plastic-bottle-lamp-stand/


8 years ago

Here's mine:  Renew Old Children's Toys

These toys were literally plucked out of a neighbour's trash pile.  I guess that counts, eh?  I found something even better this spring, I hope to get it up and running by the end of July...