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Wind-Up Charger For a UV-C Wand Answered

I have a UV-c wand which I acquired recently and instead of running it off mains or batteries I would like to make a wind-up charger for it (similar to the wind-up torches).  It would also be good learning for me as I am a novice at electronics and it doesn't seem like too hard of a project.

The mains input for the wand is 6v DC, you can also use it with 4 AA batteries.

Instead of having rechargeable batteries I was thinking of having the winding mechanism to charge a capacitor.  The UV light is rated at 4 watts and it would be great if I can get 3 minutes of use from 3 minutes of charging and even better if there was some sort of notification which would let me know when the capacitor was fully charged (like an led lighting up).

Another way that I was thinking was that as you were winding, the light would be working at the same time, so instead of taking 6 minutes for the job it would take 3 minutes.

Help and advice will be appreciated.




8 years ago

Ok I'm actually looking at buying a wind-up light and I was looking at this one in particular: http://tinyurl.com/6ff53pd

My reasoning is that it has a lot of leds so it uses more power than other wind-up lights.

What sort of batteries do these wind-up torches have in them, don't batteries start wearing out faster if you keep charging them little by little.


8 years ago

You should just wire up the uv-c wand to the output of a crank-generator flashlight and see how well it works. I think they do charge up a tiny battery and I'm not sure if a capacitor can discharge or store enough power for the uv wand. Good luck.


Reply 8 years ago

Yes, having it charge the rechargeable batteries would probably be most efficient....