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Wind energy to light up a car top sign? Answered

Any help here would greatly be appreciated. I work at a pizza delievery place where we use car top signs. In order to light up the signs we must plug it into the cig.lighter. I was thinking that it might be a good idea to use the wind from the car moving down the road to power the light in the sign to free up the cig. ligher for other things( Sirius radio). I have absolutely no idea on how to go about this. Anyone have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate it.


. Splitter. A turbine won't work when stopped or at low speeds, not aerodynamic nor efficient, expensive, yada yada yada. . Or wire up another lighter socket under the dash (remember to use a fuse).

They're right about aerodynamics also LEDs would be the only easy way to make enough light without wticking a windmill and alternator on your car, that said if the sign is hollow you could make a wind tunnel rhough the middle with a paddle style turbine and that might work without adding much drag, simply because the sign isn't aerodynamic in that way either.

I agree with the rest, use a power splitter. A turbine will just create more drag and use up more gas.


10 years ago

Thirded the recommendation for a power splitter instead - a far easier solution, and much more efficient energy (i.e. fuel) wise.

Google - is there anything it can't do? :-)

Cigarette Lighter Power Splitter, $3.99 from cell-phone-accessories.com.

Are the signs LED? If not, it's gonna take a helluvalot of energy.... Regardless of weather or not it's LED - it's going to cause a hit on fuel economy (as this "wind" is generated by your engine propelling the car). If you want to do it - do some research on homemade turbines. Or even turbines for sail boats. But I second the idea for a power splitter ;)

It wouldn't be good for aerodynamics. Why not just get one of those splitter things (you can find them for under $10)