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Wind-powered phone-charger Answered

Here's one for the tower-block dwellers - a wind turbine you stick to your window.

On the inside, you stick the matching base-station, and the set uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from the spinning turbine to the phone in the charger's cradle.

It's a neat idea, but I don't know if it's a real product - I tried tracing the links back, and ended up going round in circles in the blogosphere.

What I am sure of, though, is that somebody reading this has got the skills and motivation to build their own version.  You don't need to use the same design of turbine blades, and it's up to you how it sticks to the window (suckers?  magnets through the glass?), but I bet you can do it.

Just remember to post an Instructable.

Traced back to Yanko Design.  Originally seen on NOTCOT.


Add solar panels and a cord and this might be a decent product that will work on any window.

It'll be a gimmick item, and only have enough power slowly charge a phone, or power a light - but hey, its fun.

the cord is so your phone isn't next to a spinning magnet.


7 years ago

When you find things like that- neat-sounding design ideas usually involving renewable energy- they tend to be from design awards, so a nice idea but only minimally connected with the real world.

Anything involving harnessing energy from people walking on piezoelectric pavements, for example, probably won it's "inventor" some snazzy design award despite the fact that they are ridiculously inefficient and totally impractical.

This is, again, a nice idea but I suspect it's not a practical one.  The phone charger is the refuge of the person with a neat "renewable energy" concept that only generates miniscule amounts of power- seven thousand mobile phone batteries like mine contain less energy than a gallon of gasoline.  If I charged it up every day since I was born I would still use more energy driving to work once. Properly inflating your tyres will do more to help the environment than this device, and you can bet it'll be cheaper.

All that said... yes, Instructoblians probably do have the know-how to build one of these and I don't doubt it would be a Cool Thing if someone did.

And here I was expecting a propeller hat with a tiny generator on it, and a small circuit to limit current when fully charged :-(

It's definitely only a concept at the monent, I wonder if there are any building-rules against these?


. Probably laws/rules against poorly secured items on the outside of tall buildings in most cities, especially in larger cities with taller buildings.

The magnetic / sucker fitting is only a quirk, not a necessity to the design.

. Poor wording on my part. I just meant that local ordinances were probably pretty strict and that any means of securing the outside part would probably have to be well-engineered, tested, and documented.


7 years ago

Also, most high-rise windows can't be opened. You'd have to bribe the window-washer to install it.

I think this looks like a great concept & I am sure someone on here will be able to come up with something real out of the idea, in fact with all the 'ibles I have seen about wind turbines & fans of all shape & sizes I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they came up with something better.
One thing that worries me a bit is that if this thing went onto the market as it is our skylines could end up looking like fields of huge rectangular cacti.