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Wind turbine questions. Answered

I am asking these questions on behalf of another member who has English as a second language.

He is building a vertical axis wind turbine (savonius style, I think).  The mechanicals don't worry him, it's the generator and the windings.

He wants to arrange six coils and six magnets.  The magnets are going to rotate with the turbine.  He has made the coils himself - each is wound clockwise, with 100 turns of wire.

He assumes (and I agree) that the magnets should be separated by 60° of the circle, alternating which pole faces the coils (S-N-S-N-S-N) and the coils should also be separated by 60°.

He would like to produce 12V DC, to be fed into a battery.

What is the best, or most appropriate way to connect everything to achieve his goal?

Links to sites that he can examine (and/or translate) at leisure would be nice.  Or sites in Turkish.

(I suspect that Picoturbine documentation would help, but it's in long English.  Still, I've added it to the topic in case it is of help.)



8 years ago

NSNSNS will create an AC signal... Since he's only using 6 magnets and coils, he might consider  "NNNNNN" config and wiring all of his coils in parallel... This "should" produce some kind of square (probably more of a triangle) wave that could easily be cleaned up to feed a battery....

I'm a rookie in this field; so someone chime in if I'm way off target here...

kiteman, take this with a grain of salt, I suck at EE. Anyways, I assume, since you plan on facing the magnets NSNSNS that you plan to rectify the output to feed the battery?

Well, it seems to me, that if you have six magnets and six coils, won't your phases be 180 out of phase?  So when you rectify it, you will get a very large pulsed output. Which will require smoothing. If so, you could get the same results with all the magnets NNNNNN or SSSSSS and skip the rectification and just use a large smoothing capacitor, which if unnecessary to feed the battery, but the electonics attached to the battery would probably appreciate it, and avoid the diode losses. .

I've got a Ukrainian friend who speaks Russian as a second language.


The original asker would like some answers.

Mmmm I expect you to search the site and say "these are the closest Instructables, but none is good enough" - links.


It's the calculation side of it he really wants help with, and , do you know, it's not one of my many areas of expertise...

Is this a phase / voltage / current thing then?


I think so.

The guy is Turkish, and his English is ropy (though *far* batter than my Turkish...)

German-Turkish? I had a long conversation with a guy on the back of a North Sea ferry called Vartass or similar (sounded like fart-ass) he was Turkish-German, English student, with his mate Jurg who'd been cycling in Scotland. Jurg had broken his arm, they were both ploughing trough a flat-pack of \McEwan's export. There was a long conversation about Moby Dick, which my friend had forgotten by the morning despite being really really into it at the time....