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Wind-up motor for a blower Answered

I have this idea for a desktop toy which needs a blower. I could just use an electric blower, but I'd rather make a wind-up motor instead. I'd like the blower to spin pretty fast, to make enough air pressure to give the effect I'm looking for, but I don't want it to conk out after ten seconds, three to five minutes would be acceptable. I was thinking I could salvage the parts from something like an antique wind-up record player or phonograph (because they run pretty long), but I'm on a tight budget and I'd rather not destroy something that cool already. Please, any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
I'll post an instructable of my final product (if it ever gets done!)


You could try a mechanism from an old clock. The coiled steel spring holds a lot of energy. If you gear it high enough and get enough air resistance on the prop there is potential it could last the time you are looking for.


5 years ago

Tie a rock to a string wound around the shaft of your fan blades.

The weight of the rock and fan blades determine speed.

The length of the string determines run time.

If you can add a 10:1 gear box the run time will be 10X  longer with a heavier rock ..


I think without a special spring mechanism you not going to get the time your looking for at any realistic speed.

IF your happy to accept low speed then a simple rubber band is often used on aircraft which can run on indoor models for several mins. because of the slow prop speed.

Slow release can be gained from rubber bands by using smart grease.