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Windbelts Answered

I was revisiting some of my old instructables, being a narcissist, and realized it had been two months since I posted my windbelt. Now I haven't done anything with it, it sits in the junk box, but considering the great excitement when the concept had first come out, I was wondering, has anyone done anything interesting since?


Since this has been bumped, have you thought of mounting one in a bike frame to charge up batteries for the lights?


6 years ago

He used Mylar coated Taffeta Tape, its a kite making material that is extremely light and has incredible tensile strength so its reactions are more violent in the wind.

Trying to build one similar to the one in Shawn Frayne's video. I have some small coils and made a frame out of bent sheet metal and am testing different types of materials as the "belt". So far the most i have generated is around 2 mV AC with scotch tape. I don't see how Frayne is getting 1.5 volts? Maybe i need some bigger coils?

just so I know, a wind belt is a wind turbine?

No, a wind belt vibrates very quickly, a turbine spins. Tool has an instructable on a POC wind belt.