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Window swamp cooler for car Answered

I ran across this car swamp cooler on ebay and thought it looked like it would be easy to make and was wondering if anyone here had made something similar. We're considering using fiberglass instead of metal and maybe a hepa filter.. in case the autions ends before you see the pics, it's a firestone swamp cooler that fits on car window and cools using forced air.


I tried to grab the pics from the site, but they were java



Ya know the green scrubbing pads we all use to wash dishes ?
They are very porus when they are new, and, I know what your thinking, 'oh they are too small'.

How about the ones they use for stripping floors ? Its the same stuff maybe a little thicker but just as porus.

Being plastic they don't rot.
Water would spread across the whole pad if properly supplied.
Air flows real easy through the material while the water runs through it.
Maybe several layers of the stuff would reduce splashing due to airflow.
Fan speed is easy to control.

What do you think ?

here are some pictures of a dismantled swamp cooler. http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1816520

If you use a Hepa filter it will just swell up and prevent the flow of air.  You need a loose weave mat.  Like a fiberglass mat so that it will hold the water and still let the air come thru.

Thanks... hadn't thought of that. Wish I could see one of these coolers in person to get the measurements

I saw one years ago.  It was 6 or 8" in diameter.  You could probably use an 8" pvc pipe for a starting point.  Rough it up alittle and you can paint it to match your car finish.