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Windows 2000 running from USB stick, need done by monday Answered

I looked over google for this, but i dont get any of it. The idea is: My school have the best Web-Filtering system, SWGfL, and have RM connect, and the IT guys installed Win XP on all the PC's, by USB stick, which i figured when the PC wouldnt boot with my memory stick in. Knowing this hack, i want to know how to install Windows 2000 onto my 1 gig USB stick and have it boot on any USB-boot enabled PC. No one suggest linux, cause its obvious im running linux and i would get banned from the school PC's for a bit, or an Afterschool at the least, and because my account on the schools lets me change my background picture (My pics: Right click, Set desktop.....) and i seem to be one of the only ones that can, and because the high contrast lets you choose win classic for a theme (cause they disabled the display control). All in short...... I want Win 2000 to boot from my USB stick, let me change the background, and have it run on my school PC's. NO LINUX!! I have a sort of grudge against it aswell as the fact my ICT teacher saw me use Ubuntu once and said "Youre only allowed to use Windows on theese pc's" He never said which one. BTW: Everyone knows i can change my BG, even our schools admin, and they know i like having the theme as windows classic. And i need this USB windows ready by Monday, my deadline.............please dont read and not respond, and dont link me to pages you find off google, they dont make sense to me.


Forget it. You probably can, but i settled on making a ubuntu stick. It worked, almost, the desktop never loaded. And on top of that, i managed to screw one of the schools computer by using ubuntu......

So that would work. but, really, does anyone know how to accutly get win 2000 to run of a USB? Not install, just boot and run like it was on a HDD

Although you might manage to boot up, the web access is blocked at server level in most cases. So if the it guys have done their jobs right, then no matter what OS your running, the request for the website will be blocked. I would suggest a series of proxies, however, they could have a block on everything thats labelled as a proxy.

Accutly, one pc i know of in school is connected to the same network, same sever and everything, but cause it doesnt have RM and that, you can do everything on there, run apps, ulfiltered, but its been baned from using now. But also, i could use programs on Win 2K (where as i cant on Win XP at the school) called ultrasurf and avoid the filtering if it still was filtered, which it shouldnt be.

Yeah, some of the machines, especially the ones admins might use, could be logged in to by pass the web blocks.

there is some stuff in http://winbuilder.net/ of which vistaPE seems to be the most advanced

windows 2000 does not look exactly like windows XP. there are some minor differences like the windows icon on the start menu / fonts / colors and tints / 1px size change here and there. if someone really wants to distinguish 2000 and xp he can in a second by looking into your monitor from distance

maybe linux with good windows theme is sufficient ?

No, but people in my class know a way to get XP looking like 2000 since high contrast does that, but i use it all the time, to them it wouldnt be any different look wise.

i mean that XP in traditional style (the setting with right click on the desktop) is still noticably different than 2000

All i need is it on a USB stick, every one knows about the High contrast and me being able to change backgrounds on my account *Which is why they ask me to do it n there with no luck* so they would think it was the high contrast thing. Oh and plus i want 2000 on my PC, but i get a feeling everytime i think of it permnantly on the HDD. So it serves to purposes.

But first, how do i make it bootable? I cant seem to get the HP program anymore

With it being USB enabled, it is not necessarily USB bootable, if the BIOS is not set for that.

Every single PC in our school is set to boot like this: USB CD HDD

ahhh....ok then. But im just gonna try to get my USB stick bootable, and try putting 2K on it.

Sorry, I just meant that, when I went to school, computers were still "very big" and pc's didn't come along for a few decades :-) I thought I saw an article in ZDNET on an OS on a stick, but I can't seem to find it now.....might be archived...

Ohh, the the old 8-bit computer's? Black and Green screen?

Well, in the 1970's when I entered H.S., there was ONE mainframe in area accessable to the school through one dumb console terminal....It was a Sperry Univac computer. My first real PC was an 8088, and when I had to move to a PC jr. it had a dark green screen, with AMBER characters :-)

Well, i dont know much about old Computers..........I know every version of windows and extremly basic knowledge of how to use MS-DOS (though i still cant get 3.1 to run (im trying in virtual pc to run it))

Yeah, this was before MS was a company (and maybe even when Bill Gates was either very small or not yet born?) The Univac was located at the Millersville State college (it is now a university). We patched in via " acoustic coupler" :-)

Anyway, like i said in another post, i'll try making the USB bootable and install Win 2K then. I'll post how it went.

Why windows 2000? Why not Windows XP(WINPE:google) or Vista(VistaPE:search instructables)? And if you don't understand pages you find off of google, I don't think that you'll have much luck making w2k portable, imho.

Well Vista is definatly out of the question, since itneed 7 - 8 gig, and my memory stick is only a gig, Windows XP need 1.5, so only 2K would fit on it, cause i got a 1 gig. It's not that i dont understand them really, but the methods are a bit out of date and the HP program doesnt exist anymore, so the guides arnt good.

I've heard of Windows XP doing something like that. On lifehacker.


9 years ago

I doubt that it's possible. Windows isn't that flexible, and W2K predates large flash drives by a long while. The linux USB stick (and "live CD") implementations work by putting a good portion of the unix filesystems into ramdisk, and I don't think windows will let you do that (hmm. Wonder if you can run windows inside a linux virtual machine running from a ramdisk?) Note that "installing" from a USB stick would be a much different thing than "booting" and running from a USB stick - presumably you want to ignore the PC's existing hard drive rather than completely replacing its content?

I just want Windows to run no matter what hardware, but no drive accessing