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Windows 8 - Windows 7 drivers for ATI mobility radeon 4200 hd for use in windows 8? Answered

Hi, I've recently installed Windows 8 on my laptop after windows 7 died on me and my DVD drive failed. I had to put my hdd in another laptop to install then transfer it back into my laptop, the problem I'm having though is that Windows 8 has installed some random drivers for my video card (ATI mobility radeon 4200 hd) whereas I need the Windows 7 driver which I cannot access. Has anybody found a DIRECT DOWNLOAD to the driver? All I can find is the catalyst control centre and such which completely ignores the card and allows Windows to install it's own stuff :LAny help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Will



6 years ago

Even with a direct download you will need to disable and remove the drivers that Win8 is trying to use. Then install the correct drivers. You may want to do all this in safe mode so that windows is only using the most basic functions of the card and won't freak out when you try to disable and uninstall the drivers.

If you still encounter problems then go back to using win7 and wait for the full release of Win8. There are likely many issues in the win8 pre-release.