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Windows 8 won't let me open certain programs, help? Answered

After a windows update all of a sudden certain programs won't open. Mainly photoshop, flash and Sai, which are all art programs. Yet all my other programs like Firefox, XSplit, Skype do work. I have tried to reinstall these and they still don't open completely. They act like there about to open (the banner comes up saying that it loads but then it closes out like I clicked cancel). When I open task manager it says that it's open and running even though it's actually not. I have scanned for viruses and found none and even restarted the computer multiple times. Sometimes it does work but a majority of the time it doesn't. The programs work fine on a windows 7 without fail, and before the windows 8 update they also worked perfectly. My other friends with similar computers (they also run windows 8) have no problem with the same programs and they run perfectly fine. Please help.    


Try opening them "as administrator" Windows 8 and 8.1 have far more rigid security than older OSes, and some programs won't open unless you do. (Many won't install unless you do either)

Try right clicking the executable for these programs and select troubleshoot compatibility. Set it for Windows 7 and see if that helps.

I tried that and it didn't work. I tried the other settings to (back to vista and XP)
Thank for the help though.


3 years ago

You could try uninstalling the latest updates. Then run the programs and see if they work correctly. If they do go ahead and do the updates again. It might have installed wrong.