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Windows COA code Answered

My desktop computer`s hard drive corrupted a while ago due to a power surge and rendered it unusable. After consulting a computer savy friend he said I would need a new hard drive. I have finally began to repair it, I have bought a new hardrive and was wondering can I use my original COA code from windows XP to clean install Windows 7? The reason I ask is that windows 7 is very expensive from new, however you can get the offical disks with supposedly working COA codes for half the price on ebay. They say they are from de-activated computers however I am worried I will buy one and the code will already be in use or invalid. So as a backup would my original code work or would it say it is still in use? (P.s I am not interested in getting windows 8 or 8.1, I cannot afford it)
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Best Answer 3 years ago

I forgot to mention an XP code is only good for XP

Yeah I have modified it slightly so I dont think the code would work any more. Thankyou


3 years ago

it all depends on the Liscensing. An oem one installed by a company like dell is liscensed to only that computer and cannot be used on another. The liscense is FOR the Computer that the tag is on. It can be reinstalled to a new hd but only on thar computer. On the other hand an OEM version that is purchased as such is not tied to a computer until you install it on one. If you rebuild that computer you can still use that tag. BUT YOU CANNOT USE THE TAG ON MORE THAN ONE COMPUTER . Some tags were never used, such as a computer that had win 7 but was downgraded to XP. That win 7 tag can be used as it was never used before. Anyway, it all depends on the version and liscense.

If you buy on eBay make sure that they give you a guarantee. If it is not what they say it is eBay will give you your money back and go after them. eBay offers protection for buyers and it does work. I have had to open cases against bogus sellers and eBay refunded my purchase price.

AFAIK the seller has no rights to sell on the win 7 files with or without activation code.

The fact that Microsoft may (or may not) already have sold that copy isn't relevent - I think if you read their TAC the operating system isn't transferable. (I know we all do sell PCs etc but we shouldn't.)

As a Msoft abandoned XP and DOS6 user. That TAC says I cannot sell my PC which is another Msoft strongarm business practice.

They Msoft should make it clear it is a buggy rental agreement !

They say that the disk is unused but the code the computer has come from has been de-activated. Thankyou guys :)

No. An XP COA will not work for Win7.