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Windows help Answered

Does anyone know where I can download a free windows live cd? I need to run some programs, and my windows cds are 1200 miles away in MN. Thanks


do a search for tinyxp on the torrents, you will find a modified tweakable version of windows

serials.ws and get the windows XP code

I have in installation cd without the serial number. Anywhere I can get one?

hey, this is a pretty serious question, do you stil have that CD and if you do, can you send it to me? my dad'scomputer crashed and we dont have the back up CD's. they dont sell XP anymore and i need a disk. private message me.

serials.ws then in the search on the left type in windows XP

Or if your school (or wherever there's lots of Xp computers) the serial keys are usually somewhere on the machines... =) they'll most likely all be the same corp. key

idk, that guy doesnt like it he doesnt have to look at it but, its a serials website, what you do expect

what version do you need?

Can't get it without registering, can't register without invite. Thanks anyways


10 years ago

find a copy of Roadstarter and burn it to a disc then boot from that
  • fixmbr
  • live knoppix
  • live xp
  • a couple utilities

if you want i will post the files to burn on cd


ok coming soon*digs inside pile of cds*

I think LinuxH4x0r is referring to a LiveCD, where an operating system can be run entirely from the CD drive. You appear to be thinking of an installation CD for Windows Live, the software suite.

And LinuxH4x0r, no, I don't. Sorry. What are you doing with Windows anyway? Did Tux's iceberg melt from global warming?

no he will go break the window and crack the vista stone:)

No, its just that I wanted to run some MS only cad applications on my computer. They are too much for wine to handle, and then I can also run it on my mac. We need more pirates to stop global warming (fsm reference)

My sister's in college, but she comes home almost every weekend (She's in Kansas City, we're in Topeka). She came in yesterday afternoon with a stripy shirt and very piratey pants on. She's doing her part.

Thank her. May she be touched by a noodley appendage!

Is there any other way to run windows over mac?

I believe that would cause a tear in the fabric of the space time continuum and the end of computing as we know it!

I know! Ugh! M$ sucks! Unfortunately it has to be done.

Thank you so much!

I need the cd that bart pe makes, but I have no way of getting my win cds, and no windows machine to make them on. (I have access to win machines, but they are locked up tight). I have gmail for email, but it would be best if you could post it on your site. Is there any way to put it on a flash drive?

. I've never heard of a Windows LiveCD, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. The closest thing I know of is BartPE. hmmmm When I went to get the link, I saw they are calling it a live CD.

Yes, that is exactly what I need, but there are no pre-made .iso for it. Part pe needs a windows machine and installation cds.