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Windows on a psp Answered

Hello,ever heard of bochs? Erm...bochs for psp? Well,It sucks instead you DOSbox because Dosbox runs approx 3 times faster than bochs. Dosbox starts in approx 10 seconds Boots windows 3.1 is about 10 seconds Boots windows 95 in about 1 minute,not 10 minutes I have a few scripts that start it they are: osrun.bat (asks the user weather to start win 95 or win3.1) 95run.bat (boots windows 95) 31run.bat (starts windows3.1) Should i make an Instructable for this? you know..setting it up..making the images and whatever FAQ: Q:y u put windos95 Y NOT VISTA???!!!111 A:because a psp does not have a 1.5GHz duo processor and 1GB+ of ram Q:what other oses can it run? A:You can run the following: dos(comes in dosbox) OS/2 Warp(has not been tested but theoretically it should work) Windows 1.0-3.11(windows 3.1 has been tested and others should work) windows 95(tested and works perfectly) windows 98(ive heard stories but i have not tested it it may work) It cannot run windows 2000 and up because it is unsupported by Dosbox and by far its unsupported by bochs. a bit more info: The psp PHAT can emulate up to about 5 Megs of ram Just 1 meg above what windows 95 needs and thats BARE MINIMUM!!! The psp SLIM can emulate up to 16.5MB of ram which is about the recommended amount of ram for windows 95 ALso the psp's processor normally runs at 222MHz but can run at the full 333MHz its underclocked so that the battery lasts long and don't worry you wont damage your psp by running at a full 333MHz it will just eat up a battery like i eat up a macadamia nut cookie. So should i make an instructable?



Which ARM does the PSP use? (7? 9? 11?)

since the psp runs at 33mhz, it won't be an arm11, because my phone has one and it's 396mhz

Umm...I don't know, I do know that its clocked at 333MHz...

Sounds like a 9, but the psp is supposed to be so much more powerful than the ds, which uses a 7 and a 9.

the DS has a 111MHz ARM processor...

3 Processors XD or was it four?

I had 16mb of ram on my psp1000 on windows 95 however 3.1 wouldn't boot :( It's a lot faster than Bochs or whatever the other one was called. What I find interesting is the boot menu has an option for xp, Who's for a 20 minute boot? lol

Yeah, Windows 98 Took 10 Minutes to boot, i would try XP but its not worth it, Dosbox does not support XP, i tried and it crashes and gives an error

Yeah, I have a friend who ran Windows 95 and Windows 98 on his PSP 1000. He said 98 was laggy, but 95 worked just fine. Now if only they put an Atom z-series or an ARM proc inside a PSP... Windows XP emulator, anyone?

its 333MHz, What more could you need? :P Get an i-phone, it includes a 700MHZ ARM

now that's an arm 11 (or maybe even some weird cortex thing).

Top end one generation ago. The new stuff is Cortex, but nothing but proto-types really seem to use it.

hmmm...yeah i have seen windows 98 on the psp before...

can you still do all of the regular psp stuff with windows on it?

Yes, This is Like a UMD, Except it is on the memory stick, when you start the program, it starts windows 95, when you exit, it goes back to the main menu.

Its a homebrew app. If you have 5.03 Custom Firmware it will work, If its OFW it will not, It works on all Custom firmware and any psp capable of running homebrew...

How about Damn Small Linux?

No, GUI linux versions are not supported in dosbox.

cool ! i used windows 95 since ever up to something like 2005. and it was fast !

yes, i already made an instructable for this,Just click my name and you should find it

thanks,I'm making the Ible right now
I'm at step 3 _- (wink)

Yeah, I'd be interested in an Instructable.

good im planning an ible for the next few weeks

well since i am looking at a free day today,i might do it today

would this be considered a bump?

Here are a few more pics of the OS Starter Yeah,i call it OS Starter version 1.0,1.1 and 1.2 which is the one that works the best the screenshots are taken using a plugin for the psp