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Wine Bottle Garden Lights - Help? Answered

I am building  retaining wall and am considering adding built-in lighting by using empty wine bottles that have an LED light inside, and a cork or silicone to seal the bottle shut. Optimally this set up would be solar but I could arrange for power if needed. I'm thinking of lights about 2 or 3 feet apart, lying horizontally embedded in concrete except for the bottom. The neck of the bottle would be buried in the retaining wall. It would look like a large glass blob in the concrete.
Can someone help me figure out the best way to make this?
Thanks in advance!



5 years ago

I bought a set of six solar powered garden lamps on sale at Fry's electronics recently for $18 US. I bought them for the solar cells, which I plan to experiment with solar power. But for your use you could disassemble some cheap lamps and mod them to your needs. I believe I can visualize your idea and I recommend designing an access to the bottles so that you can place and REMOVE the lighting and wiring. That way problems can be repaired and bulbs or leds replaced.

Thanks for the suggestions - still not exactly sure how I'll go about doing this. Where does one find nice bright LEDs and all the fixin's? I work with reclaimed material in my art so am accustomed to scavenging and would like to keep this as affordable as possible.
I saw one 'ible mentioned speaker wire - I have a fat roll of that. Is there a particular LED size/lumen/wattage I should use? Is there a rule of thumb as to how large a solar panel I'll need? How is the energy stored for use after dark? Any links to sites that might help me figure things out would be wonderful!
What I really need are a couple of electrically inclined creative folk to throw ideas around while helping me empty more wine bottles for this project! And yes, I'll be sure to take plenty of pics for my 'ible.

Sounds like a cool idea. There are very many instructables on here that show you how to wire up LED's and if you look there are even some really cool ones that they put in the stepping stones.

Sun Jar

Those are just 2 of many hundreds you can look to for inspiration.  Good luck and take pics as you make it.  I want to see a instructable on what you did.