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Wine Bottle Lamp / convert to Battery power Answered

Hello My wife purchased one of those wine bottle with the xmas lights in them. But were she want to display we dont have a outlet.  Does any one have a instructable on building a small battery source to plug the lamp into.  Just to be used on special occasions, so does not have to have a long lasting suply.


It sounds like there are 20 bulbs in series.
You could replace all of them with LEDs, battery-powered sets can be bought.
You could re-wire them to run from a 6/12V source, such as a small SLA.
Running as they are, you'd need a power supply and an inverter of sorts.


It is just a regular two prong plug that plugs into wall out let. Tag says 120v, 60hz, 0.08A, 9.6W Bulbs are 6 volts .48 watt Also the plug has a bult in fuse 2 - 3a max fuzes

Sounds very possible.

How was it supposed to be powered ? A wall-wart ?

What does the WW say on it ?