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Wine Stand that is a Balancing Act Answered

Does anyone know how to construct this balancing piece of wood that holds a bottle of wine. I hate to spend over $20 for a 50 cent piece of wood that I could make at home.

I appreciate your help, and I just know there are a few of folks that are mechanically inclined that can solve this...

Thank you!


Balancing Act
Coolest way to store a bottle of wine

Is this magic? No, it's a little science. The weight of the bottle shifts the center of gravity that makes the wine appear to be suspended in mid-air.

You'll get loads of comments, smiles and laughs! These positive reactions make these wine bottle balances a perfect gift! After all, Ben Franklin said, "Wine is constant proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."

Made of solid wood.



10 years ago

Cut a plank at a 45 degree angle with a mitre box. Drill a hole parallel to the cut you made at the other end of the plank, and insert a bottle of wine. Tweak the angle of the cut by planing or sanding. I made one for a physics project once, making it is easy but getting the measurements just right so it actually balances isn't- a thick piece of wood will help a lot :)

See I do the smart thing, drink half of it and then balance it... I got shouted at in the bar the other night, I hade seven bevelled glasses spinning on their bottom corners and the barman was just waiting for it all to go very wrong, which it didn't...

Look up "Do try this at home" on Youtube. He did it with a two liter bottle,but the concept is the same.