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Wine cellar Answered

Hello Internet community. I have a problem/challenge and need some segestions. we have recently moved the family wine cellar into the cupboard under the stares. however, we also have a small fridge in there for things like lemonade and beer, the fridge`s compreser is heating up the cellar so it is too hot to keep wine in. we can`t move the wine or the fridge because there is nowhere else to put them. All segestions gratefully accepted.


What about a polystyrene bodega? AKA Chilly bin (New Zealand), Esky (Australia), coolers, wamp coolers, desert coolers, igloo, stubbie box etc

Wine is like a beautiful woman, if a beautiful woman would die from that refrigerator... would you destroy it? There is no question here get rid of the refrigerator.

Install an insulated panel to separate fridge from wine, and then (as W'berg said) vent the fridge-section to remove waste heat. Depending on your local climate, the heat can be vented outside through the wall, or into the house through the stair-cupboard door. The fridge should not be in a small, enclosed space anyway, or it will not work efficiently.

The fridge should not be in a small, enclosed space anyway, or it will not work efficiently.

Hmphrh; try telling my landlord that. He has ours in a cubbyhole less than an inch wider then the refrigerator.

As long as there is space above and behind for warmed air to escape, you should be OK. If it's shut in behind a door, ask your landlord if he wants you to drill vent-holes, or does he want to buy a new fridge when that one dies?

It is ceiling above (about a foot above) the refrigerator, less then a foot behind it, and almost nothing on the sides...I personally think it is a fire trap...the one upstairs started a fire a few years back and it is housed the same way.

You definitely need to have a "word" with your landlord!

(Landlords seem to have so much power and so little responsibility in the US)

Well, over here it is actually a very risky type of business. I mean, we have a lot of ways to go from here to get things "fixed" around here, but it never puts one on "good terms" to force another to take care of things. So, for now (and until my wife can clean up her act) we stay watchful and hope nothing horrible happens.

Actually, in the city, the landlords have a much stricter set of rules to bow to also we are located just outside the city border, and so are considered in the Township

If you could put the fridge up higher than the wine, and then vent the fridge "upwards", I think your problems would be solved.