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Winners...? Answered

Even allowing for time zones, Gorilla Glue judging is over.

I suddenly find myself to be less relaxed about the results than I thought...

(I haven't been a finalist for ages...)


Hey, out of over 130 entries you didn't do too bad. Stop complaining. Or I'll be jealous.

I'm not complaining - I posted this before the results were known.

Hmm, I got the results before I got this, sorry.


8 years ago

god job all who won. i think i did ok for my first real contest. i still wish i won :(

Congrats, old chap. next time I shall not keep my phasers on stun... :-)

I am seriously amazed that your chair didn't make it.

Maybe the judges were too young to remember the original with quite the affection of you or I...

I shall hang my head and go back to the old robot themed ibles or was that because I used gmjhowes name in vain or did I incur the wrath of some real trekkie with my sarcastic prose...naaaaaah, it's just too much fun at the edge of the galaxy, till next time.

Congratulations, Kiteman - receiving Runner Up recognition in an Instructables contest is like receiving First Prize pretty much anywhere else! (That's a compliment, by the way, in case anyone doesn't get my intention: there is SO much incredible creativity here, I'm amazed they can winnow contest entries as much as they do!)

I voted! But if it's between you and #2 I'm sorry, I'm afraid I hope he wins :D

daaah dun daaah dun ddddaaaa DUN !!