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Winning Pwn2Own Hacker: Macs Are Safer Than PCs Answered

Well, its nice to see the that the winner has common sense on his side.
I've grabbed various bits of this from Gizmodo, whom got it from Tom's Hardware.

"I'd say that Macs are less secure for the reasons we've discussed here (lack of anti-exploitation technologies) but are more safe because there simply isn't much malware out there. For now, I'd still recommend Macs for typical users as the odds of something targeting them are so low that they might go years without seeing any malware, even though if an attacker cared to target them it would be easier for them."

Be sure to read the Article before you start flaming.

It mirrors what me and goodhart were saying before,

A computers security is based entirely on the user.
I used windows for over 2 years, with no anti-virus, no anti-spyware. Just a good firewall, and my common sense.
My first rule of computing common sense is, only download pictures, music, and movies.

If your going to get some illegal software get it from someone else whom has used the install files, and knows they work!

Also, do not trust ll.13 when he links to your a serial website without informing you that most of them are Trojans.



Well, its a very well written article. I agree with his statements about all three OS versions. But he fails to even touch upon the criteria for people like me, those whom are happy using all 3 OS's. The fact that the guy only sees Mac as loads of fancy trimming just proves he either lacks the knowledge, or just didn't gel with the interface. My working day only works because of all three OS's, it would fail if one was to be removed.

Yeah, I am still trying to find the time to learn Linux" not that it'll take a LOT of time, I just need some extra time....

"Don't find the time, Make the time." - gmjhowe 16/3/2009

I can make a lot of things, but time is not one of them.....sadly.

Haha, well, its a case of prioritising what you want/need to do.

Most everything I do has priority, sadly. I still have to do my local tax forms because they were a little lower in the list ;-)

OR...just run a nice pc with linux, and get the same result - almost 0 malware.

Thats still protection through obscurity as stated elsewhere! Luckly your clever enough to know what your doing on the nets.

Actually, the linux OS is built differently. So, as of now, it may be obscurity, but it may also be the way it's built.

True, but that makes it as "secure" (if not more so) than a Mac.

Wasn't it safari on the Macbook that was pwnd in seconds?

netscape on windows 98 can be hacked in less than a minute.

Yes, but if you actually read the article, you can see that is not my point.

What exactly makes you think I didn't read the article? I read it. I was just asking, geez.

Yeah, see I already sorta saw that embedded below.

Macs FTW I ran on a 98SE FOR YEARS on sites that I should have gotten a virus but lo and behold, nothing... Either was Mac rocks hard while Microsoft plays the triangle....

My grandmother claimed that she knew Patrick Stewart as a boy, since both of them did actually live in Mirfield at the same time I'll believe that one. L

Patrick Stewart is teh win.

And on that note, PC means personal computer. So I believe you mean "OS X running on a PC is safer than Windows running on a PC"

I thought it was Apple who first started those ads?

Sometimes it's best not to be pedantic and just "go along with things" ;-)

Mac = WIN


9 years ago



haha! I love the facepalm. I forget which episode that is, i have all of them on dvd, so i should dig it out.

As is mentioned, I fully believe that security through obscurity isn't really security, but the point stands about them being safer for the time being as there isn't anything to exploit a (perhaps equally flawed) OS.

I fully believe that security through obscurity

Correct, this is an oft repeated warning at HOPE conferences and 2600 meetings; obscurity is no more secure then no security at all.

Thats why i will always maintain that my computer is secure, because its my computer.