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Winrar Command line Answered

I need help understanding and using winrar command line. specifically the lock, copy, password, delete after rar, and the ieml command and anything else you would like to share with me. Thanks for any and all help!!!



9 years ago


I have a similar problem when trying to use the command line to compress some files:

rar at virtual_machines_bk.rar "J:\Backup\Elsueno\My Virtual M

The above does not work any idea why?

WinXP SP2 64 bit

. Got the list. Now I know why you are so confused - not the best docs I've seen.
. I don't have WinRAR installed, so I can't guarantee this will work. Try it and let me know what happens. If it works, we can move on to some of the other commands. If it doesn't work, you probably need to find someone else to help you.
  rar a -pMyPassword MyArchiveFile C:\data\*.*
a = add to archive command
-pMyPassword = set password to "MyPassword"
MyArchiveFile = name of target file (not sure if you need to include extension)
C:\data\*.* = files to be archived

  rar e -pMyPassword
Extracts all files in pswd protected archive to current dir

Thanks, that has worked!! So what other commands can you help me with?

. I was afraid you were going to say that. :)
. Let's see ... you mentioned lock, email, and delete-after-RARing.
. To lock, use " -k' (sans quotes).
. To email, use " -iemlNacho@Mahma.com".
. And " -df" to delete
. So, if you wanted to RAR some files, lock the archive, e-mail it, and then delete the source files, it would be something like:
rar a -pMyPassword -k -iemlNacho@Mahma.com -df MyArchiveFile C:\data\*.*
. Those are some really crappy docs! Not bad if you're used to command line operations, but, as you've seen, almost worthless to someone new. Or did you send me the "cheat sheet" version?

Well I tried it, the e-mailing failed, and the delete after "RAR-ing" failed. it locked it, and RARed it though. It said that i can't e-mail the RARed file but doesnt say anything about the delete after RARing. The command line i wrote is the following.... rar a -pOpenme -k -iemlNacho@Mahma.com -df Haikus G:\Haikus.txt All works excpet E-mailing, im off to google now.....:D

. It may exit when the e-mail fails. Try e-mailing to a valid address or try without the -ieml stuff. I've never used an archiver to e-mail anything. . . What does lock do? If the above doesn't help, I'd try it without the -k and see what happens. . . You might get better help on a forum that specializes in WinRAR. I'm having to make a lot of guesses.

Switch -IEML[.][addr] - send archive by email

Attach an archive created or updated by the add command to email message. You need to have a MAPI compliant email client to use this switch (most modern email programs support MAPI interface).

You may enter a destination email address directly in the switch or leave it blank. In the latter case you will be asked for it by your email program. It is possible to specify several addresses separated by commas or semicolons.

If you append a dot character to -ieml, an archive will be deleted after it was successfully attached to an email.

If the switch is used when creating a multivolume archive, every volume is attached to a separate email message.

I found this Through google. heres the site


> heres the site . Much better . . Unless you have a specific need for lock, I wouldn't use it.

Wheres the site? i dont see it lol

yea i like them, so what you you think the problem is with the emailing command?

well i looked at that site, not much help to me for emailing. So i dont know what to do now.

. I'd try posting on a different site. I've told you all I know and no one else is speaking up.

yea just me and you.....guess we're the only ones that care lol, or care to know. thanks for your help. i think i would just have to buy the liences and it could work, lol but i have onw more thing to try out...so i will get back to ya on this last try, lol

. BTW, I ran across that page when I Googled it, but didn't figure out how to use the interface until the second look. I kept clicking on the titles, not the folders. Doh!

and taking the -k switch doesn't help (im using my email)

well that was the output from when you type "rar help" in command line, i will try that command line you gave me later on, thanks i willl get back to ya later!!!

Many apps display help when run in commandline like this winrar -h winrar /h winrar /?

. If you don't understand the help info, post the generic command and we should be able to 'splain it to ya.

OK, The password command, lock command, email command, delete after RARing command. Can you guys give me examples?

. I can't find a list of commands anywhere! Apparently there is some kind of documentation file that comes with WinRAR, but I couldn't find an online copy. I'd switch to something with better docs, eg, 7-zip.

. Yep. 7-zip has a CLI and e-mail. I've never used the e-mail option, so I can't say how well it works. . . That's what I had in mind when I asked you to "post the generic command and we should be able to 'splain it to ya." . If it's a long list, PM it to me. If it's a real long list, I'll give you an e-mail addy to send it to.

also, does 7zip have command line zipping and emailing ability?