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Winter weapons of snowy destruction Answered

It's winter and snow is everywhere (well where I live there is) People are sledding and making snow angels. And of course my favorite part- Snowball fights. Snow in ball form whizzing thru the air towards people. Me loving to build stuff and loving to improve it to, I wanted to make something that could throw snowballs better than any person. I have an idea for a couple launchers and cannons but I want to see other people's ideas. So post anything, a launcher, a cannon, a catapult, a chucker. Anything that can accompany someone in a snowball fight. So people POST.



7 years ago

I suppose it depends on what your goal is: greater volume, or greater distance/power.

I find a snowblower works pretty well for volume. Heh.

well a normal snowball has pretty good volume if thats what your talking about but I was looking for greater distance and power. compressed air power or something like a slingshot. as long as it is stronger than throwing a snowball

Yeah, look up info on potato cannons (gas or air powered). A big slingshot (like the type used to launch water balloons) would work well, too.

And please - be careful, k? Try not to make anyone bleed...

Hey if there was accidently a rock put in a snowball it's not my fault:) haha. But I know exactly what you mean about using a spudgun. I make them and have shot snowballs from them before(i would use that but i wanted to see other ideas) I have made around ten guns so far so i could build one that hurls snowballs easy. I just posted an ible' about one I just made. search the NAR-V1 . its sweet check it out. But a slingshot is a godd idea too. i just need to make a base for it so it's only takes one person to use.

Oh I just asked a question about something for my NAR so maybe you could answer it and if not then maybe you could see if any of your friends could. I REALLY need it answered. best answer gets a free patch

i've always wanted to take a 5-8 inch pvc pipe and surgical tubeing and a pvc pipe end. pull back on the cup, let go, throw snowball several football feilds. i used similar setup (without the pipe. was three man object) to throw rocks WAY out into a lake. it definantly went atleast 200 yards.

My great weapon of destruction:

My arm!

Lol I just throw em well